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What Do You Struggle With?

Weight Loss

Is losing weight a constant battle? Maybe it’s a new struggle. You’re not alone. We will help get the weight off and empower you to keep it off.

Muscle Gain

Feel like you’re forever bound to be skinny? Do you want more booty, arm gains, a bigger chest, to get more muscular, or leaner? We can get you there.

Joint Pain

Back pain? Discomfort? Do you feel stiff? Is natural movement difficult or painful? Let us help you regain your mobility.

Self Esteem

Feeling low? Negative Body Image? Setting and reaching fitness goals are great first steps in achieving overall mental and physical health.


Do you know that person with a perfect figure who eats whatever they want? Is it good genes? Magic? Nope. You can too. We can help cut the confusion.


Struggling to get to the gym? When you actually get there, what then? Let us help you find that motivation and guide you.


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Your Results

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This will jump-start your progress and put you on track to accomplish your goals.

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Reach Your Goals

You have officially joined our community! Now we work on achieving your goals in a fast and sustainable way!

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What Our Members Say

Patient, Encouraging Coaches

“Pam and Connor are patient and hardworking trainers and coaches. Parkfit Crossfit has a team spirit with all kinds of great people working out there and encouraging one another. Their positive attitude and encouragement helps keep me motivated and I appreciate their patience with me. I highly recommend Parkside Crossfit.”

~ Mark R.

A Wonderful Place

“Parkside – Coach Pam and Connor – are amazing! This is my first time diving into the CrossFit realm and I’m loving it. Pam and Connor create the space for us to push ourselves in a safe way where we always want to grow, get stronger, and just be better all around. I’m absolutely hooked and hope more folks join so they can experience how wonderful this place truly is!”

~ Janel B.

Great Community

“CrossFit gyms are all about community and coaching. Pam and Connor have created this awesome community with their positive energy. And the programming is broken down like no other CrossFit gym I’ve belonged to. I love it! I actually look forward to going to the gym again; a feeling I haven’t had in YEARS. The class times also fit in perfectly with my schedule!”

~ Allison M.