January 21, 2020

stars“CrossFit gyms are all about community and coaching. Pam and Connor have created this awesome community with their positive energy. And the programming is broken down like no other CrossFit gym I’ve belonged to. I love it! I actually look forward to going to the gym again; a feeling I haven’t had in YEARS.

The class times also fit in perfectly with my schedule!

-Allison M.

stars“I can’t say enough about Parkside Crossfit and owners Connor and Pam. Since starting over a year and a half ago, I lost over 40lbs (in the first couple months!) and have continued to gain muscle and become the fittest version of myself.

Connor has become one of my best friends, and the community atmosphere at this gym actually makes me want to go work out! I highly recommend checking out this place if you’re serious about getting in shape.

-Mark R.

stars“Been coming for 4 months now, great box, super friendly and patient, especially with rookies. Pam and Connor have built a community based environment, love coming as often as I can. Def noticing physical and mental improvements! Come visit us, you will not be disappointed!

-Chris H.

stars“Fairly new member of this box’s community. If I had to describe this CF gym in one word it would be that; “community.” Although I haven’t met everyone that comes here I feel like I am part of it because there are many ways the coaches Pam and Connor keep in touch with the members and give the opportunity to interact with each other. What I’ve loved about CF is that there is a way for EVERYONE to work out regardless of age, weight and physical barriers. Connor, Pam and the other coaches that pop in occasionally ensure everyone is getting the experience of CF. They have promoted special events with weight loss, mobility, strength and fitness to help keep you motivated and setting goals.

-Elias G.

Anthony C.

I came to Parkside CrossFit with what I thought was a solid exercise background. I was a former dancer, yogi, too-much-time-in-the-Gym-er. Somehow, after all of...
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starsI LOVE MY NEW BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pam, Connor, Lil and Gabe are Great ….no wait, they are phenomenal coaches that provide an amazing training program  tailored to different levels. I actually enjoy working out since I became a member at parkside lol. #JUSTSHOWUP #LETSGETHUGE #lightweight #yeahbuddy #tacoaboutawod

-Joselyne J.

stars“I’ve been a member at Parkside for over a year now and I have found a box home that’s full of love and like minded individuals. I’ve done crossfit at other gyms but Parkside is truly something special. Owners, Pam and Connor are so genuine and really care about everyone reaching their true potential and meeting their own goals. The community is also super supportive and won’t leave anyone behind (literally) and will run an extra 400 meters to cheer you on to finish the workout. I’m so grateful for my Parkside fam and for Pam and Connor!

-Andrea F.

stars“There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best place around. Pam and Connor have built an amazing community. Very supportive. It makes you want to do your best every time. The workouts are a blast and some times you do not even realize how hard you are working until it is over.

A perfect example of how much they care. I had to have surgery for an auto immune disorder. Pam and Connor made sure to come visit me. They brought flowers and a card from the crew. I will never forget how they were there for me. Best place ever.”

-B. S.