Eat more vegetables. *gasp*

This is a tough one for people. Here’s the deal: there’s nothing better for you than vegetables, no matter what your goal is. They are packed with micronutrients that are vital for health, and they help you feel full. Whether you want to look better, feel better, lose weight, or gain muscle, doing Keto or Paleo or Zone, veggies are a must. Take action: eat an extra serving today!

Skip the soda, sugar/creamer in your coffee, or energy drink.

The sugar in soda, your coffee, and energy drink are poison. There is almost nothing worse for you. It’s addictive, leads to long term health problems, and kills your progress. Take action: Skip/reduce the amount of sugar in your drinks TODAY!

Don’t eat bread! Take it off of whatever you’re eating.

Processed carbohydrates are a no-no. Whether it’s something you made, or you’re eating out, kick the bun today. Take action: Opt for the lettuce wrapped sandwich or burger. Pro tip: Get an extra portion of protein. This will help you feel fuller, recover faster, and build/maintain muscle.

Drink more water.

This is probably the easiest thing to do on this list. Drink more of it! Shoot for half your body weight in oz a day. Drink it with every meal. If you’re trying to lose weight, drink a large glass before you eat. Take action: head for the drinking fountain right now, and drink more throughout the day.

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