1. We actually care.
    1. If you like being anonyomous and completely ignored, and struggling on your own, this isn’t the place. We get to know you, your injury history, your athletic history, your goals, what works for you, and what doesn’t work for you. Then, we regularly monitor your progress, celebrate your wins, give free advice/info as often as we can, say happy birthday, and become your best friend.

  1. We have 100+ testimonials and 5 star reviews.
    1. News Flash: we’re really good at this whole helping people get fit thing. If you really want an unproven system that’s shiny and brand new with some people that have never actually produced results, we’re so sorry, but you’re out of luck.

  1. We rehab injuries.
    1. If you’ve got back pain, knee pain, no core strength, bad posture, and you want to keep it that way, make sure to stay away. Our emphasis on core strength and flexibility along with proper form has helped many people rehab injuries and reduce/eliminate pain they’ve had for ages.

  1. We create an inclusive culture.
    1. Most people like a gym that’s extremely clicky with people that are “in” and people that are “out” just like back in high school. Unfortunately, we have a series of systems in place that make sure that doesn’t happen, like a member mission statement, core values that are included in our membership agreements, and the ability to fire bad apples. Sorry to disappoint. 

  1. People that need more attention, get it.
    1. Everyone know’s that the fittest, sexiest people in class need to get the most attention, because they’re obviously better than you. But at Parkside, we have this coaches rule where beginners get most of the coaching and attention during class, cause well, that’s what they pay for and what they need. If you’re already the fittest person this side of the Mississippi, so sorry, but your attention is getting cancelled. 

We’re not for everyone, and we’re cool with that.

Heck, set up an intro, and if this isn’t for you, we’ll let you know, and save you the time and money.

We want to have a successful relationship, not just get paid. We leave that for the other guys.


When you’re ready to work together, here are a couple ways we can get started: 

When you’re ready to work together, here are a few ways we can get started:

1 – Send me an email. [email protected] We’ll reply ASAP.

2 – Text or call us at 818-452-5568

3 – Join our Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/parksidecrossfit

4 – Follow us on social media @parksidecrossfit, and Connor at @connorgreenfitness on Instagram, Facebook, and @connorgreen24 on Twitter.