Introducing the Parkside CrossFit Team

Meet the fitness experts ready to help you achieve your fitness goals and your potential.

Our Founder

Connor Green

Growing up, I was always into health and fitness. When I found CrossFit in 2011, I became obsessed with it. Throughout my life I’ve had numerous operations, including a bone cancer diagnosis, spinal fracture, blood clot, infections, and more. So I’m no stranger to setbacks, and rehab. CrossFit helped me immensely through those times, and not just physically, but mentally, and emotionally as well. 2012 was the first time I stepped foot into Parkside CrossFit. Several years later I moved nearby, and became a member. After 1 year, I became the owner. I struggled my whole life with low confidence due to being “skinny”. I completely believed it was just genetics and I wasn’t lucky like other guys. Despite being very fit, I was a skinny gym owner, and I hated it. My transformation mirrored the gym itself – new equipment, new layout, better systems – I became more knowledgeable, learned from my mistakes, and eventually accomplished my goal of putting on weight.

Now I’m particularly passionate about helping skinny people add muscular body weight! I’ve been coaching for 14 years, and have well over 10,000 hours of experience. My mission in life is to help 1 million people live happier, and healthier lives. What drives me is helping people. Everyday I wake up and work on my mission. I’m not involved in the day-to-day operations as much as I used to be, and my primary focus is supporting the staff at Parkside so they can excel at what they do best!

Our Professional Coaches


Connor dedicated his life to health and fitness from a very young age. He doesn't have a typical story though. By age 20 he had 7 surgeries - including blood clots and a cancerous tumor.These did a number on his body and he was forced to learn how to rehab and take care of his body like a much older person at a very young age.

His personal journey includes plenty of self-hatred over being skinny, aches, pains, over-training, and making every single mistake in the book, to finally building a physique he is proud of.

He’s been coaching for 14 years, and has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience. One of the things that really separates him from other coaches is his ability to listen, empathize, understand, and uniquely motivate his clients. Currently, his mission is to give a lifetime of health and fitness to 1 million people.

Currently, he serves as the “Chief Support Officer” spending his time supporting his staff and clients. He owns two gyms, and most of his day is filled with business obligations, but he’s available for a select few personal training sessions, and custom program design.

Note from Connor:

“I used to be a member at Parkside CrossFit, then became a Coach, and then the owner. This journey of business ownership has mirrored my health and fitness journey: it hasn’t always been easy, and I’ve learned so much as I’ve grown. Honestly, my physical transformation would only take 9 months if I was to do it again, because I made every mistake possible.

I say this because I know that we can really help save you time, effort, heart ache, and money.

The staff, community, programming, and results at Parkside CrossFit are truly special. Give us a chance, it will change your life!!”


Gabe is the General Manager at Parkside CrossFit. He is in charge of the daily operations, staff, and more. His story at Parkside CrossFit is truly amazing. Several years ago, Gabe decided to try CrossFit. He went to several gyms and had really bad experiences - and then he stumbled upon Parkside CrossFit and his life was never the same.

Gabe became a member, and was immediately a pillar in the community. He was always amazing to have in group sessions, would always help the least fit members, would finish the workouts with those finishing last, and was always supportive. In short, he was the perfect representative of Parkside. CrossFit.

So, we offered him an internship to become a coach, and he thrived. Then he became a Coach, then the Head Coach, and now the General Manager. He has gone above and beyond every step of the way. His journey is incredibly inspiring and really shows how far someone can go when they put their mind to something.

It is basically impossible to not be in a good mood around Gabe. Hopefully everyone can see how far you can come with a little hard work and determination!

Gabe runs the gym, but still coaches a few classes, and is available for a select few personal training sessions.

Note from Gabe:

“Hello all! Coach Gabe here. Passionate, wild and weird sums me up fairly well. I got my certification because I love Crossfit methodology and changing people’s lives for the better. I love rock climbing, obstacle racing, and really anything athletic! I can’t wait to meet you, welcome you to the fam and hear about your journey!”


Lil was a member at a CrossFit gym that Connor used to coach at early in his career. Lil was always such an inspiration to everyone. To be in your 60s and walk into a CrossFit gym with no experience, surrounded by younger people, and still transform your fitness is truly amazing.

Lil eventually earned her CrossFit L1 Trainer credential, and started training others.

Connor and Lil had a great connection, and when Connor became a gym owner, he wanted to give Lil the opportunity to grow as a coach, so she came onboard. Lil went through a rigorous internship program, and has come a long way as a coach.

She’s an amazing community member, and does more than just coach at the gym. For example, she’s in charge of sending out Birthday cards to all of our members.

Lil’s message is simple, if she can do it, anyone can!

Note from Lil:

“Hi, I’m Coach Lil. I started this CrossFit thing in 2014. I am a Masters athlete, meaning over 35…way over 35! The functional fitness CrossFit teaches and encourages; changed my life; and I love being able to help you change yours. That’s why I became a certified CrossFit L1 trainer in 2018 and I have a certificate in Masters training as well. Since turning 50 I have run 4 marathons, countless half marathons, 10Ks, 5Ks and I participate in Fitness competitions. I love our Parkside community and I hope you’ll become, or stay, part of the family.”


Alex started CrossFit at a young age, and has been hooked ever since. At Parkside CrossFit, he goes above and beyond on a regular basis, and is truly a great asset to the Parkside CrossFit team. He didn't have much experience when he joined the staff, but it took 30 seconds to realize how badly he wanted to help people, and to see his potential as a Coach.

He is outgoing, friendly, and a truly caring individual. Alex coaches a lot of our classes, does many personal training sessions, and is involved in reaching out to all of our members every week, so we can keep them accountable, and let us tell you, he excels at it because he really loves seeing people improve their fitness.

Note from Alex:

“I started CrossFit when I was 15 and it was something my Dad and I could do together for fun. Since then, I have grown into a coach with an appreciation for human movement and a passion for teaching. I am stoked to have an opportunity to follow my dream of teaching CrossFit here at Parkside, one rep at a time.”