And an intermediate program will not work for a beginner. 

The same way a beginner’s program will not work for an advance person. 

We see constantly people failing and wasting their time jumping into a the gym, and doing what “X Jacked Influencer” does that’s probably not natural, and is an ADVANCED athlete. 

It doesn’t work. When you do that, you’re putting yourself at risk of injury.

But more painfully, you’re setting yourself up for complete and utter failure and time wasting. 

Beginners NEED to do a beginners program.

You do NOT speed up results by starting off with a harder program.

In fact, you slow down your results. 

And let me say, the target audience for this message is probably not self-aware enough to accept that they are a beginner. 

Whenever I tell people how advanced a person with intermediate fitness actually is, it’s usually shocking. 

If you haven’t gone through at least 18 months of tough beginner training, you aren’t sniffing being intermediate.

If you haven’t gone through 2-3 years of tough intermediate training, you aren’t sniffing advanced. 

And here’s the deal, if you don’t do a beginners program, you will NEVER be intermediate. 

If you don’t do an intermediate program, you’ll never be advanced. 

You cannot skip programs and advance faster. 

Worst case you will never improve, best case you’re slowly yourself WAY down.

Get on the right program!


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