Customized one-one training in anything is by far the best way to learn – whether you’re learning a new language, getting certified for work, getting better a BJJ, or fitness.

I HIGHLY recommend everyone at the gym do some sort of personal training/one-one accountability/nutrition coaching, etc. 

Is it more expensive? Of course. I BUT, that’s not why I want you to all do some one-one. I want you to do one-one because I want you to get the best results possible!

The better results you get, the more happy you are, the better the gym does! It’s a symbiotic relationship. I sincerely hope no one is here to stay the same!

I’m NOT a hypocrite when it comes to this. I’ve invested HEAVILY in one-one business coaching – OVER $10,000 – one-one learning Spanish, one-one Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, one-one therapy, and more.

It has saved me time, money, headaches, anxiety, and more.

I believe in one-one SO HARD AND I LOVE IT. When you love something you want to share it with people. I know what it’s done for my life, and I know what it can do for yours.


Here’s 3 Ways We do that a NO Extra Charge at the Gym. (If it was just about money I wouldn’t even share this…)

  1. Take control over the workouts.

Change your mindset right now. DON’T just do whatever is on the whiteboard. Every single time you come to the gym ask yourself, “How do I make this the absolute perfect workout for me?” That might mean changing the time, rounds, weight, or reps, up or down. The workout written on the board is a template – a template we have to alter to fit you as perfectly as possible.

This is something that is NOT preached our taught nearly enough at other gyms. The WOD is general. You have to make it specific! If you do this intentionally every time you come to the gym you will get much better results than someone that just does whatever is on the whiteboard.

  1. Ask the coach how to make it yours.

I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What if I don’t know shit?”. That’s ok. Ask a coach! It’s not about doing the most, the hardest, or the most ridiculous workout. It’s about doing THE BEST workout for you. Ask a coach straight up. “What should I do?” “Should I change this?” “How do I make this the most productive for me?”. We’re here to help guide you and teach you how to do this!

  1. Set your goals, and train intentionally.

If you haven’t set some goals. Do it, then use them as a lens to look at the workouts. Let’s be real – a skinny guy, and an overweight guy aren’t going to do exactly the same workout! If your sole goal is to lose weight, you are probably going to do a little bit different workout, and eat a little bit differently than someone who is trying to put on 50lbs.

When you’re in touch with your goals, you can literally take a solid step toward them EVERY SINGLE class period.

Does this stuff make sense?

If it doesn’t, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out. I love hearing your questions and hearing from you!!!


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