How to Get Started

New To CrossFit

Step 1
Schedule a Free Intro. We build personal relationships with everyone at our gym. During your Free Intro, we get to know you, learn and apply what has worked for you in the past, come up with solutions to what has held you back, and create a custom diet/exercise program that is guaranteed to get you results!
Step 2
Complete 1 of 4 On-Ramp Programs. This will jump-start your progress and put you on track to accomplish your goals.
Step 3
Join CrossFit Group Sessions. You have officially earned the privilege to join our community!

Experienced CrossFitter

Step 1
Schedule a Free Intro. We are going to start building a relationship with you. We want to know your strengths and weakness as an athlete, injury history, and your goals. This will help us set you up for success. We’ll verify your CrossFit experience and make sure are you able to join group sessions.
Step 2
Join Group Sessions.

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