Think about how much time you spend on your health and fitness.

2 hours a week is 1% of your time. (Are you sure you don’t have time to workout?)

It’s a simple calculation. 168 hours in a week divided by the time you spend on it.

Here’s the deal: I want you to dedicate 7 hours a week to exercising and nutrition.

A winning formula is to spend 3 hours per week working out per week, and 4 hours on your diet. That 4 might be spent meal prepping, working with a nutrition coach, researching recipes, or spent grocery shopping. Just do it every week.

If you do this, you will see results. You’ll see results that are sustainable, and you’ll see results quickly.

It’s only 4% of your week. In comparison, your full time job requires 24% of the time. 7 hours is not even really a part-time-part time job.

Think about it this way: you’re dedicating 4% of your time to something that will make 100% of your time better.

When you’ve followed the 7 Hour Rule for a year, if there’s a reason to change, change it. That might mean adding in an hour or two of training. Or perhaps adding in some more time into nutrition.

For 98% of people, there will be no reason to change it. Ever.
7 hours a week for the rest of your life, will quite literally pay dividends on the back end by increasing your life span, and of course the quality of your life.

As we head into the 2nd week of August, audit your time.

How much time do you actually have available to you, and how much of it do you actually use effectively?

Am I spending 7 hours a week on my fitness goals? If you’re not, up the time you’re spending. For most of us, that’s going to mean spending more time on your nutrition.

Trust me, if you spend that 4 hours a week on your diet, your results will 5x.

Here’s my disclaimer: something is always better than nothing. 1 hour is always better than 0, and 2 is better than one.

When you look at the percentages though, it’s hard to believe anyone can’t spend .5%-4% of their time on themselves.

Happy Friday!!

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