I get this question all the time. I’m excited to give it the most simple answer in human history.

As humans we are constantly making things more complicated. In most cases, it leads to awesomeness – like our technological advances.

In some cases it holds us back. This is one of those cases. This is the quintessential, “this is so simple people won’t believe it”, situation.

Between you and I me I also think people overcomplicate simple things so they have a reason to not try or not do something.

But I digress. (As I rarely do).

If you google this question you will get all kinds of lists, complicated processes, and click bait claiming to explain how to gain 40lbs of lean muscle directly to your ass, chest, or arms by eating whatever you want, when you want, in just 4 weeks.

Most of it is nonsense that is overcomplicated, unrealistic, and catered to our instant gratification culture.

The truth is that there are 4 important principles when it comes to gaining muscle, and I’m going to cover the most simple, and the most important one. In fact, it’s so important and simple it’s probably the only thing you actually need to know and do.

Without further ado: You gain muscle by getting stronger.

That’s it.

If you want to gain muscle in your chest, in your arms, in your booty, abs, shoulders – you name it – all you have to do is get stronger.

You get stronger by doing a little more weight when you press, bench press, squat, or deadlift this time than last time.

This is why setting personal records (PRs) is so important. It confirms that you are getting stronger and working toward your goals.

Make small jumps weekly. Go up 2.5-5lbs.

No, that’s not slow. That’s 260lbs in one year.

That’s it.

Stop trying to make it more complicated. Stop looking for the next supplement, challenge, secret, or magic potion.

Using perfect form, add a little weight to the bar each time you workout.

And yes, those 4 movements are by far the most important when it comes to building muscle.

In my personal experience I messed around doing every single possible thing but that, and I struggled to get stronger and add muscle for years. When I made it this simple I gained 45lbs in 1 year. The only way that was possible is by adding 100s of lbs to my lifts.

Want more booty? PR squat and deadlift.

Want to tone/firm your arms?

PR your bench and press.Want more chest?

PR your bench.

Want more shape in your shoulders? PR that press.

Trying to sculpt your legs?

PR that back squat.

Let’s get it!!

Happy training.

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