I had a friend say they were struggling with starting over. 

Restarting your fitness journey is definitely hard. 

Especially after you feel like you’ve made some progress. 

How can you face the reality that you have to do everything all over again?

You don’t. Because that’s not reality.

Here’s the thing, when you make progress in fitness, you are better forever because of it. 

When you lose weight, and then put it back on, it’s easier to lose it the second time than the first time. 

When you gain muscle, and then put it back on, it’s easier to put it back on the second time. 

It’s real science. When an organism achieves an adaptation, it remembers how it got there.

Not only that, but you keep what you learned from the previous journey. 

Whatever you learned about health and fitness, you remember. 

You remember how to squat so you don’t have to take the time to learn it again. 

You remember how to deadlift so you don’t have to take the time to learn it again. 

You can’t restart because you will never be in the same place you were before. 

You’re picking your journey back up, but from a different spot – a spot that’s farther than when you started the first time. 

So don’t fear restarting. You’re already farther than you were the first time. 

Fear not restarting. 

So here’s what you do. 

You get back to the gym.

You make a healthy meal. 

You set one, teeny, tiny goal, and you hit it. 

It might be as small as having vegetables with dinner.

It might be as small as getting a sugar free soda instead of a regular one. 

Set a small goal, and accomplish it. BOOM. You restarted. 

Do that again the next day.

And again the next day. 

You will look back after a month and be WAY farther than you could imagine. 

Stacking tiny wins like that add up extremely fast. 

Way faster than you think possible. 

If you need help, please reach out. 

It’s what we do. 


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