Mariquita C.


Mariquita C.

I have found my box! I been doing CrossFit for 2+ years at other boxes and struggle to find the right one. Parkside fulfill all my needs.

Pam and Connor have built a community that is inclusive. The moment you walk in you will feel welcome. All of coaches are supportive, kind and knowledgeable. They invest time into their athletes and treat them like family. They understand your goals and will help you attain them. 
At Parkside there is a variety of classes and packages at an affordable rate. The classes are fun yet challenging. The coaches take the time to teach the movements and scale the workout to every athlete’s capabilities. All fitness levels are welcome. The facility is clean, organize and spacious. The equipment is well maintained. The motivation is always high.

I’ve been at Parkside almost 4 moths and it’s been the best decision I have made.  Aside from CrossFit I also take Personal training sessions with Coach Pam and Connor. They make me work hard; they never take shortcuts. Pam is caring, encouraging and passionate. She makes you see and believe in your power and help you achieve it! She is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and health. Pam makes me stretch even if I don’t like it because she understands importance of mobility. Connor is compassionate, patient and well educated in fitness. He knows your capabilities better than you. He listens to your wants and give you what you need. You will push yourself further than ever before. You will be challenge but, in the end, you will feel better than you’ve ever felt.

In the short time at Parkside I have seen physical and mental gains. Improvement on my mobility, strength and mindset on fitness. I am stronger and healthier.  Every day I look forward to working out!

Don’t waste any more time, go to Parkside and give them a try!