Today’s Fit Tips are about meal prepping!I’m going to cover what, why, how, and how to get better, in the most simple and EASY way.

Read to discover why meal prepping is easier than going out to eat, saves time, saves money, and will 5x your results!!

What is meal prepping and why do I need to do it!!???If you haven’t heard me already (which I’m sure you have), nutrition is 80% of the battle.A huge part of winning that battle is meal prepping. Read this, follow it, and get better and faster results.The first thing I want to do is answer the most common questions I get about meal prepping:

  1. What is meal prepping? Simply, it’s making your meals in advance.
  2. Why should I do it? Basic reasons include: you save time, money, and effort. You know exactly what’s in your food, you can reduce your stress and anxiety because you’re always prepared, people that meal prep get better results, and it’s the only way to make your results sustainable.
  3. Do I have to? If you want to really get results – lose weight, gain muscle, get abs, grow your booty – yes, you do.
  4. Is it important? Think of meal prepping like studying for the test. You can show up to the gym to take the “test” without studying and maybe you can pass, but if you want an A, you have to put the time in outside of class to be prepared.

Make sense? Cool.

Now that you’re sold on the importance of meal prepping, here is the EASIEST guide to meal prepping of all time!!

  1. Plan for the upcoming week. No later than Friday the week before, choose two or three different recipes you want to have for the next week. Choose 1 for 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch, 1 for dinner, and some snacks.
  2. For me, I make breakfast every morning, so I’m usually just choosing two recipes – 1 for lunch, and 1 for dinner. Snacks for me include fruit, veggies, and clean protein snacks (like beef sticks, for example).
  3. Compile a grocery list, and go to the store early on Saturday or Sunday, and make enough food to last for the next 3-7 days.
  4. Store your food in Tupperware in the fridge, and then eat it throughout the week – and never go anywhere unprepared.
  5. You may need to have a second, smaller meal prep session during the week – maybe Thursday or Friday – depending on your skill level.
  6. Your first few sessions might feel labor intensive, difficult, and not worth it. I will say this again and again: you will get better at it! Keep with it.

You can literally get your average time per meal down to 3-4 minutes per meal, and a cost of less than $1.50. It takes MUCH more time to go out to eat, and it’s 10x as expensive. Save time, save money, and get sexier by meal prepping!!

The next thing I want to cover is how to be good at it. Like anything else in life, it’s a skill, and it takes practice. You cannot judge meal prepping based on your first, or second week of doing it. It might feel like “too much” work in the beginning, but once you get good at it – just like anything in the gym – it’s much easier.

Here are 5 ways to pump up your meal prep!

  1. Do not quit or be discouraged. You will get better with time.
  2. Have a plan and routine. Block out the same day and same time every week to do it – don’t take appointments, make plans, or flake on yourself!
  3. Have a list and make do with 1 store. Going to 4 to get your favorite everything is nice, but is going to take WAY too much time. Get the best you can at one place.
  4. Time yourself and make it a competition – see how many meals you can make in the least amount of time.
  5. Take advantage of the stove, oven, and grill – potentially at the same time. This will take practice, but you can literally have 3 recipes going at one time, and finish all 3 in a half hour. That’s how you become REALLY efficient!

Meal prepping is a concept we will continue to develop and improve upon!

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