Programs & SerVICES


The best way for anyone to get fit and be healthy, in an ultra supportive environment.

CrossFit Strength

True strength training, two days per week. Members improve 2.5lbs – 10lbs per week consistently on all their lifts.

Olympic Lifting

Paired with our Strength classes this is a powerful tool for putting on muscle and developing speed and power.

Personal Training

Laser-focused training done 1 on 1 with a certified coach.

Open Gym

Available as a stand-alone membership, or as an add on, this is your time to work on whatever you like.

Nutrition Coaching

Work 1 on 1 with a nutritionist – available monthly or by the half hour consults.

Remote Coaching

This is for people that want a CrossFit or specialty program, but can’t make it to the gym. We tell you what to do, you do it anywhere.

Custom Programming

We write a laser-focused program for your goals, you do it at the gym.

Skill Sessions

This is for anyone who wants to work on form or acquire a skill. You work 1 one 1 with a coach for half hour sessions that usually result in a 6 class improvement.

Sports Strength and Conditioning

This is for anyone who is an athlete that wants to get stronger or better conditioned for their specific sport, and customized to each athlete’s needs.