That’s me!!

If you want more booty, arm gains, a bigger chest, to get more muscular, or leaner, but you’re skinny currently, this is for you!!

For at least 15 years my main focus in life was gaining weight. 

And I couldn’t. I used to be a skinny gym owner. How embarrassing!

Eventually, I made every single mistake in the book, but was able to put on a total of 77lbs.

When I figured it out, it wasn’t hard. Since then I’ve helped skinny guys and girls add lean muscle quickly, and easily. 

I’ve literally had people put on more muscle in 3 months, working out 3 days per week for 45 minutes using my methods than they had in the previous 3 years.

In fact, this method is so simple people don’t believe it will work, so they don’t do it. 

I used to think that. I literally saw and knew everything I needed by age 13… but believed it was too simple, too easy, not hard enough, or not complicated enough.

Here’s all you need to know:

-Track 100% of your food and eat at a surplus of 500 calories per day. 

-Add a little bit of weight to your lifts each workout, 3 days per week.

-Make sure you sleep adequately.

-Do ZERO cardio. 

That’s it. It never fails.

Every single week you will gain muscle. Every single week you will get stronger. Every week you will get leaner, more toned, and lower your body fat percentage.

Don’t overcomplicate it. Training 5+ days per week is probably holding you back. Being too restrictive in your diet isn’t working.

Looking for something complicated, a new product, a special method, “muscle confusion”, and anything cardio related are holding you back. 

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