Glutes are all the rage nowadays.


Growing your glutes is a very common goal that people have. Heck, people ask me about it almost every day.


Men, women, and everyone else wants stronger, bigger, better glutes.


Most of the people that ask me how to grow their glutes are skinny. 


And that makes sense. Skinny people generally want to add muscle, and get some curves. 


So, I created this simple guide to better glutes for skinny people. 


This 4 step guide can help a lot of people, but at least 50% of the people that read it aren’t going to take the advice.


“It’s too simple and my case is special”. 


“I need something advanced/complicated/crazy/new-technology/etc”


 The real answer is you need to just do the basics, but better.


So, here it is.


My Easy 4 Step Guide to Glute Building.


Gain Weight

The reality is if you’re skinny and want to add some curves, get toned, or get bigger muscles, you need to gain weight. This goes for both men and women. Women, however, oftentimes act completely shocked when I tell them this. I understand. There is an extremely negative connotation to gaining weight. But look at it this way: you are trying to get your body to physically add tissue to your body. Where do you think it comes from? Out of nowhere? You must supply your body with adequate amounts of food so it can actually add that muscle you want. You might not need to add a lot of weight – but 5-15lbs can make a huge difference. I’ve coached plenty of women to gain 5-10lbs of weight, and they look slimmer, leaner, and their glutes grew. (Side note: yes, you can gain weight. No your metabolism isn’t too fast)

Activate Your Glutes More

This is a huge problem that almost everyone has. People barely use their glutes when they’re working out. The mind-muscle connection is a real thing. You need to slow down and focus on squeezing your glutes as hard as you can throughout all your exercises. If you do this, they’ll grow.

Stick to the Basics

You need to deadlift, bench press, press, squat, and hip thrust regularly. You should have 3 focuses when doing these lifts: master the form, get as strong as possible by adding weight each time you do them

Train Your Glutes More Often

Sometimes the answer can be as simple as adding in a little bit more training. Glutes respond well to being worked 2-3 times per week, so long as you are allowing enough time to recover in between your sessions.

There you have it. Do these 4 basic things consistently, and your glutes will grow, guaranteed.

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