When you join a typical Globo-style gym, you don’t really get the chance to get to know anyone, or do anything together outside of the gym.

At Parkside CrossFit, it is the complete opposite. We pride ourselves on having regular events either at the gym, or at another fun location so people have the opportunity to really get to know and enjoy the people they workout with.

Let’s face it, almost everyone can use more positive influences in their life. Belonging to a community of like minded people where the only goal is to better yourself is a really powerful thing. Having fitter friends helps make you fitter. Read more about that concept here.

For our next event, we’re going to The Nook in Encino on February 16th, at 11:00am. Everyone is more than welcome to join us! Just RVSP on our group page so we can make sure the restaurant is prepared.

Last year was awesome. This year will be too!

Oh, and this is what I’m getting. It’s called “The Chocolate Crunchy Toast”.

Perhaps the greatest french toast ever created…

Thanks for reading!


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