I get asked a myriad of questions about losing weight, getting stronger, being healthier, getting a better physique – you name it. Essentially, everyone is asking the same question: “What can I do to get fitter?”

There are obviously many different ways I could answer this question. I want to highlight one answer today that is particularly important and often overlooked.

Question: “What can I do to get fitter?”

My Answer: “Get fitter friends.”

Choose Your Inner Circle Carefully

“You are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time around” is one of my favorite pieces of wisdom. This could not be more true when it comes to fitness. So many people struggle with their fitness transformations because of the influences of the people they keep in their circle. 

At Parkside CrossFit, we do what are called “Free Intros” where we sit down one-on-one with prospective members and get to know them and their stories – we focus on finding long lasting, real solutions to lifetime fitness issues and limitations. (Among other things, we address how sore you should be – hint, MUCH LESS than you think.)

Very regularly people have 2 or more people in their inner circle that don’t really want them to be successful. They have parents that judge, friends that only know how to drink and eat pizza for fun, or significant others that feel insecure that they are trying to look better. 

Think about that: You are trying to better your life, break lifetime habits, and the people you are closest to don’t support you.

Some of your friends or family members might be a bad influence and literally say to your face “Why are you trying to get fit? You can’t do it” or they might be a bad influence indirectly, “Come on! Let’s go out. You’re no fun anymore. It’s just a few beers and appetizers.”

In today’s world getting fit seems to be getting harder and harder: we have more convenient access to super cheap, unhealthy, great tasting food, and more free time to watch Netflix and lay around. It is 10x harder with a circle that doesn’t lift you up. 

I guarantee if you became friends right now with 3 people fitter than you and swapped them out for people that are bad influences in your circle EVERYTHING about getting fit and being healthy would be easier. 

Going to the gym, recovering, meal prepping, discipline, motivation – you name it – wouldn’t be so hard. It wouldn’t be so hard because you would have friends you can lean on, go to for advice and support, and that would uplift you and want you to be successful. By dropping two unsupportive people in your life, you could figuratively lose about 500lbs of baggage holding you back.

Swap out or drop the bad influences. Yes, I know you care about them and you go way back. Ask yourself this: Do they care about you? About your health? About your future? Are these people literally worth your self-confidence, physical, and mental health?

It’s Different at Parkside CrossFit

At Parkside CrossFit we foster an incredible community of people at all stages in their fitness journey. People regularly make new friends and become lifelong best friends. Why does this happen?

Is it because they just happen to work at the same place? Because they enjoy the same beer or pizza? Nope. It’s because of 1 incredible thing they share in common: the desire to better themselves in every way.

Imagine being uplifted on a daily basis instead of held down. It’s an incredible feeling.

Step 1

Step 1: Find a community of people that are trying to get fit and better themselves. (Our next event is coming up on February 16th, read about it here).

We have one and we create the culture of our gym intentionally. The most important thing to us isn’t how much members pay or how cool they are: it’s their character.

We regularly have events so members can get to know and connect with other members.

Step 2

Step 2: Join said community and demote people that don’t support you.

Our next event is our annual Valentine’s Brunch at The Nook in Encino on February, 16th at 11:00am. Last year’s Valentine’s brunch was awesome, this year’s will be even better!

Thanks for reading.


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