There are always ups and downs to weight loss. 


It’s like a rollercoaster. It’s starts high, goes up and down, sometimes unpredictably. 

But guess what – the rollercoaster always comes down.

Not straight down.

Up and down…

But mostly down.

Even if you follow a meal plan to the gram, your weight will fluctuate.

Highs will be followed by lows, and lows followed by highs. 

There are a million factors that affect your weight on a daily basis.

If you gained 3lbs overnight, you didn’t gain 3lbs of tissue. It’s physically impossible. 

You did not gain 3lbs of fat or 3lbs of muscle overnight.

Gaining or losing tissue like fat or muscle, takes time, and happens slowly.

Water retention, contents in your stomach and intestines, hormonal balance, and more will cause your weight to fluctuate as much as 5-6lbs in ONE DAY.

Yes your weight went up or went down, but that doesn’t mean you gained or lost fat. 

Set your sights on 6 months from now, and stay consistent to your diet.

Take your weight to get data, and nothing more. 

Judge your success based on 6 months of consistency, not one day to the next. 

Take this client for example. 

Each high is followed by a new low. Can you guess what he’s got coming after this current spike?

A low.

He could have quit after each spike… but he didn’t.

He’s saying consistent, and losing weight. 

Stick with it.

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