Meet Hugo.

He’s lost 21lbs during this whole pandemic. I’ve spent the day shouting him out everywhere I can. Not only is he getting results, he’s an awesome community member.

I texted him the other day to check in on him, to see if needed any help,  and he said… well you can see his texts are grey, and mine are green (he has an android lol).

Here’s a couple humble brags…

He said:

“You guys have been doing an excellent job with giving us tips throughout the weeks.”

“All we did was show up.”

“Dude that’s why we still going y’all really made it easy for us.”

Quick question – have you ever been a member of gym where the owner reaches out to you on a regular basis? Or a gym where your wins are actually celebrated?

Here’s the better question, has fitness ever been made easy for you?

I posted in our FB group about him, and the post is getting blown up. Lol I posted it maybe an hour ago.

Of course we have members that don’t want to be celebrated or shouted out. That’s no problem.

But, if you can be an example or inspiration for someone else, I think that’s a good thing.

I can’t speak for you, but Hugo is an inspiration for me, and I think you can tell he’s an inspiration to our other gym members.

You wanna lose 20lbs? Gain 5lbs of muscle? Get abs? Grow your booty?

Whatever your goal, we’re going to give you all the info you need, make it as easy as possible, and keep you on track.

You know what to do!

Connor “Your Biggest Fan” Green

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